About Us

Ottonote® is a young , dynamic and flexible company, counting on nearly one hundred experience in creating and roasting the finest coffee, offering exclusive products of the highest Quality.

Our coffee is characterized by enveloping , persistent aromatic notes that will seduce you from the very first sip!

We constantly research and select the best coffees and the best producers in the world, involving internationally renowned experts with periodical visits and controls on the plantations.

Roasting is an art that requires sensitivity and deep experience. It can deeply change the organoleptic properties of coffee according to times, methods and temperature.
That’s why we put an obsessive attention to the entire artisanal process to guarantee and maintain the highest Quality.

Our main blends

Our product range includes coffee blends and single origin, both traditional and organic.
We can also provide customized, exclusive blends according to our clients’ specific needs.

We provide products beans, ground, pods and the most common compatible capsules.

Our main blends:

Gourmet is the blend of the finest Arabica coffees in the world, its fullness and its aromatic balance enclose enveloping hints of vanilla, cream, toasted bread and pamper you with the delicates notes of pink grapefruit, apricot and ripe cherries.

Barista is a superior blend, obtained with coffees from the best producers in the world. An intense aroma and rich body with hints of caramel, shortbread, cream, notes of peach and apricot.

Decaffeinato the best espresso without caffeine you will ever taste.